We knew exactly what we were voting for – independence as a self-governing nation.

Equally, we had the sense to know that extrication from the undemocratic EU would require all the expertise of the Government. Sadly, No. 10 has revealed its incompetence, having betrayed the country in its approach to Brexit.

There are many reasons for leaving the EU including economic – and emotional. The EU demonstrated its astonishing arrogance more recently (‘Storyville; Brexit behind closed doors’ – BBC4); its total disrespect for our proud nation was exemplified when an official swore at our Prime Minister, who was giving a television presentation.

It has been hard to justify the cost of being a member of this club, to whom we have paid over £200bn. Worse, the current Withdrawal Deal remains toxic, with few knowing the real contents, namely:

  • Irish border unresolved
  • Stay in the customs union
  • Remain under the ECJ
  • Pay £39bn

Clearly, the Government’s only possible escape route from this mess is to leave without a deal. Britain is quite capable of managing the short-term disruption. Indeed, there would be up to £39bn in the budget to underpin industry during the Brexit phase. No. 10 needs to move fast now, to give re-assurance to business leaders, who are still waiting after 1,000 wasted days.

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