Dear Maria,
Can you please explain to me why a W.T.O rules brexit will not be beneficial to Great Britain ?


Alan Stone

Dear Alan,

Thank you for your email.

My litmus test is how any Agreement effects my constituents, their lives and their prosperity. What is clear is that it isn’t in Basingstoke’s interest to leave the EU on WTO terms, without a trading deal in place. The uncertainty for business and the public would be damaging. That necessities a transition period whilst the trade deal detail is agreed. Whilst 52% of my constituents voted Leave, they did not vote to stop trading with the EU which would cost jobs. I think the Agreement as it presently stands is a pragmatic solution framed to safeguard jobs and investment – things people in Basingstoke care passionately about and as their MP I will fight to protect.

Whether a Leave or Remain supporter what people tell me more than anything else is they want Brexit to be complete. We have had the Referendum. We have listened to the result. Now we need to ensure that this historic change works in practice for the good of our country.

With best wishes,

Rt Hon Maria Miller
MP for Basingstoke

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