If the UK was NOT currently a member of the EU why would you want to join? What are the Benefits?

On the outside looking in what would we see?

  1. The terrible state of some of the once prosperous countries (Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy) now bankrupt because of the Euro. No ability to take action in their national interest, EU veto on budgets. Huge unemployment (50% youth unemployment in some countries).
  2. The prospect of partial/full hand over of military control.
  3. Prospect of federated taxation – someone you have never heard of or voted for telling you how much tax you must pay…..really ?
  4. A huge German trading surplus, trading deficits with that EU grow each year, the UK is currently at £100 million a year we lose.
  5. The prospect of handing over vast sums of money each year to fund the Brussels project (including the 10,000 people earning more than the PM). Money, some of which, would be given back to us, but told what to spend it on.
  6. Continued integration of Eastern Europe states that border Russia, further risking a major conflict.
  7. Give up ultimate law decision making to a third party?
  8. Expected widespread protests against the status quo driven by deep resentment.
  9. Constrain all Global trade access (as we did with the Commonwealth) to be part of a 7% trading block. Which limits growth and investment.
  10. You would also be required to hand over your sovereignty to the EU which includes your army.
  11. Uncontrolled and unchecked immigration. You cannot stop anyone from the EU coming into your country and benefiting from your health service, your benefit system and also the undocumented workforce who push down wages for UK citizens.

What would be the attraction? Please educate me as I constantly hear Brexiteers are all thick, tell me why you would vote to join?

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