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42 Days Until Independence!

These past two weeks have must have felt like Groundhog Day for Theresa May and her Brexit Deal. Her resounding defeat, subsequent promises of legal change to the Irish Backstop and false hope of the Malthouse Compromise, have all amounted to nothing. We are now 42 days away from Brexit Day. The Deal on the table remains totally unacceptable to Parliament and many of the Great British Public, meaning a WTO Brexit draws ever closer, and a trade deal with the EU a long way off.

The EU have refused to give any concessions over the Backstop and will not reopen the Withdrawal Agreement, even though nothing has been signed yet. However, this is not the only problem. MPs are incorrect in focusing on the Backstop as the only issue with the Withdrawal Agreement. Get Britain Out has complied a comprehensive list of the 8 major failings of May’s Deal which you can read HERE. We have also produced a leaflet in two pdf formats, A4 and A5, which you can take along to a local printer, to hand out in your area. Please see the links at the bottom of this Bulletin.

Many MPs and the Great British Public find the Withdrawal Agreement and the Backstop totally unacceptable. We could be trapped and subservient to the EU with no say in the laws which govern us for many years to come, with the UK needing the permission of the EU to leave the Backstop, and with no idea IF or WHEN we might ever get an EU trade deal!

This is preposterous! There is already a border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Goods flow across the border in both directions, with checks made at source. There are different Tax Laws and a different currency, with Ireland in the south using the Euro, and Northern Ireland using the pound. Customs checks could continue to be conducted at source. Get Britain Out has written in depth of a Technological Solution to the Irish border, long before this became the favoured topic for Westminster and Brussels.

Brexit has caused significant splits in the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn is heading to Brussels this weekend to meet with Michel Barnier, Chief EU Brexit negotiator and Guy Verhofstadt, the EU Parliament’s Brexit representative. Sir Keir Starmer MP has admitted it is not feasible for Labour to seek a UK General Election whilst John McDonnell has refused to comment on Brexit and has instead focused on calling Sir Winston Churchill a “villain”. The Labour Party is in a shambles.

In other Parliamentary news, Chief Brexit Remoaner, the former Attorney General, Dominic Grieve MP (who is still banging on about another ‘People’s Vote’ when we have already had the EU Referendum), has threatened 6 Cabinet Ministers will resign to ensure ‘No Deal’ is taken off the table!
Get Britain Out says: ‘Go ahead and RESIGN and proper Brexiteers should replace them’.
Former Brexit Minister, Steve Baker MP has given a stark warning to Theresa May of the Government collapsing if her deal passes through Parliament! He argues it would alienate the DUP who would refuse to continue to prop up the Conservative Government.

Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, has been lambasted for his calamitous handling of shipping contracts. He recently awarded a £13.8 million contract to Seabourne Freight to run ferries between Ramsgate and Ostend in the event of a No Deal Brexit. In a surprise to no one, ‘Failing Grayling’ selected a company which has no ships, amidst widespread speculation of it being awarded illegally. The contract has now been tossed overboard because Seabourne Freight had not met necessary targets and its parent company, Arklow Shipping, withdrew support.

However, the major headline of the past two weeks goes to Donald Tusk, President of the European Council. 8 days ago, in a press conference alongside Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, he said there was “a special place in Hell” for anyone who advocated Brexit. This is infantile language and reveals the true face of the EU: intransigent in negotiations and spiteful towards the UK for even attempting to leave their federalist political club. It is simply worthless, and demonstrates the abject lack of respect the EU has for the UK.

Perhaps there may be a queue for that place in Hell, with Tusk at the front!

Why Mrs May went back to the negotiating table in good faith after a public insult like this, we will never know.

The next 6 weeks will be crucially important for Brexit! The Prime Minister is expected to deliver another statement to Parliament on Tuesday 26th February, which will begin the debate for the ‘Meaningful Vote’ on her theoretically “improved” Withdrawal Agreement on the 27th. Unless there are new and significant, legally binding changes, it is doomed to fail and will pave the way towards a WTO ‘No Deal’ Brexit. We must stay aware to ensure Remainers do not gain control of the negotiations within Parliament by attempting to delay Brexit day or even worse revoke article 50.

This is all for this Bulletin!

Please continue to try and contact your MPs to tell them how you feel, so their Inbox and Postbags are full. Even if you have written before, and whether or not you have received replies, MPs are acknowledging they are receiving millions of them, so it makes a massive difference. Thank you. It is vital for your voice to be heard, as they are your elected representatives. You MUST include your address as it confirms you live in their Constituency and they are your MP.
You can find out who your local MP is and their Constituency office address here, or ring the MP’s secretary in the House of Commons to get the address. You can also ring them to arrange a surgery appointment, and take family members and friends along with you too! We also recommend you contact your local Conservative Association. Many Associations Chairs are equally as frustrated as we are, so it is worthwhile telling them your views as well.
Good luck.

You voted the MPs in in the first place, and if they want to make sure you vote for them next time, they must listen to you! Your concerns about our shambles-of-a-Government’s Brexit negotiations must be listened to. You can help us at Get Britain Out so we save Brexit in the nick of time!

The Brexit Vote was the most important vote in our lifetimes. The Government were given the biggest mandate for Leave of any vote in any General Election before, and this is the most important issue since the end of the last World War! The result of the EU Referendum MUST be properly honoured – and enforced. We must not be betrayed!

It’s only 42 days now until we take back control and regain our independence!!!

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